Ways that you can use CCA-treated poles

Ways that you can use CCA-treated poles

CCA-treated poles are commonly used in both indoor and outdoor construction. It is a durable, convenient and environmentally friendly building material. The treatment is used to protect the timber from exposure to the atmosphere, implantation within soil or insertion into a marine environment. Once the poles have been CCA-treated, these poles can be inserted in soil for up to 40 years!
What are the various uses for these reliable poles?

Droppers & Laths

These treated poles of various sizes are reliable for a strong, durable fence. Building a fence with timber droppers not only works out cheaper, and looks more natural, but are sturdy and therefore less vulnerable to theft as opposed to steel fencing. Laths and droppers are also perfect to use as supports in gardening.

There are different timber and gum pole sizes available, depending on the strength and height needed for your dropper and lath purposes.

cca droppers


Whether you are looking for a patio, an area surrounding a pool, or a deck for an entertainment area, you can use CCA-treated timber for durability, stability and strength. Using the right decking boards can take your deck from being ordinary to sleek.

cca decking

Docks & Piers

Wave and tidal action, soil types and climate need to be thought about in the design of your pier and dock, so consider having a proper design as a foundation for a successful pier or dock project. Also, think about what your pier or dock will be used for. Will it need chairs and benches built into it? How many people can be on it at any given time? Does it need to support a vehicle for maintenance and cleaning? Will boats be moored to it? Will it need special rails to make fishing or water access more convenient? All these things will increase the effectiveness of your CCA-treated timber for your pier or dock.


CCA-treated timber is perfect for shelters, giving durability and strength to the structure that you want. It is resistant to moisture, which prevents microorganisms from growing on them, as well as being fire-resistant, which will give you peace of mind.

Garden furniture

With CCA-treated poles being more durable than natural wood and requiring little maintenance, it is perfect for garden furniture. The other benefit of using these poles is that the wood is protected from damage by insects and pests.

cca treated furniture

Jungle gyms

How do you get your children disconnected from a screen, and into the outdoors? Give them a jungle gym where they can climb and play to their heart’s content. CCA-treated timber has been deemed safe for this type of application and poses no threat to children.

cca treated gym


Wood requires less energy to produce than aluminium and plastic, and it is biodegradable – making it a more environmentally-conscious choice of building material. Your mailbox will be sturdy and weather-resistant for years. With the amount of design and choice available, this becomes an appealing option for anyone looking for something durable and attractive.
If you are looking for a durable, resistant and environmentally friendly product for your building needs, then contact us to provide you with the best options.