Updating your outdoor space to create a private, tranquil haven

Updating your outdoor space to create a private, tranquil haven

In these busy times, having a private outdoor haven to visit and relax in, is a big winner. Updating your garden with outdoor wooden features is not only easy, but also kind to nature, and doesn’t break the bank to fund your DIY project.

There is no need to hire a professional to transform your garden into a gorgeous haven, and you can get your neighbours talking with these simple DIY projects using log rolls and pine slats, which are available from Prime Poles.


Let’s begin with the simplest of solutions.

When having your friends over for a braai or a function, are you finding you need extra seating? What a superb opportunity to use reasonably priced, easily stored, visually attractive, rustic furniture.

Extra seating can simply be made by purchasing log rolls and placing comfy cushions on top for padded, instant seating. This makes for a straightforward, simple solution that can easily be stored away when not in use, while adding aesthetic interest and creating an outdoor feature for your garden.


If you feel like taking on a task that is a little more labour intensive, why not try your hand at a raised garden bed? These are versatile, holding anything from flowers to herbs and veggies all positioned above the ground with a wooden frame.

These beds allow for good growth conditions for your flora if you don’t have the best nutrient content in your garden soil. It also means that, while working in your garden, you are now able to stand in a more comfortable position.

Guide to building:

• To get started, purchase pine slats and cut to desired dimensions that you would prefer or suit the space in your garden.

• Mark out the area in your garden and place wooden stakes at the corners. Using a hammer, then drive stakes about 30 – 60cm into the ground and leave the rest exposed.

• Set your lowest pine slat a few centimetres into the ground and secure it to the grounded stakes with either nails or screws.

• Add additional slat boards and secure them to the stake until the desired depth is reached. Remember, however, the frame should always have a depth of approximately 30cm to provide ample space for roots.

• Place the frame in the desired location and lay down damp newspaper or cardboard at the bottom of the frame before filling it with soil.

Now that your garden bed is ready, it’s time to buy those seeds, get planting and growing!


If space is something in short supply or you want to add a modern, trendy aspect to your outdoor area, then vertical gardening should be high on your list. By planting vertically instead of outwards, you can transform a space and brighten it with your favourite flowers or herbs. These gardens can also be made into a variety of shapes as well as be used to incorporate in your indoor spaces as living wall art.

Guide to building:

• Pine slats are the perfect option to build your wooden garden frame and will require 3 to 4 slats depending on the desired length and width.

• Cut a single slat into 4 or more pieces of approximately 50cm in length. These pieces will serve as shelving.

• Place the shelves equal distance apart and secure the uncut slats on either side with screws. It should look a lot like a ladder.

• Once done, you can mount the frame against a wall or secure it into the ground.

• You can now place your flower pots on the shelves and let the growing begin.

• For those who are looking for more visual appeal, you can substitute the shelves for woven baskets, however still securing it in between the slats.

• Be sure to line the baskets with plastic to prevent the soil from falling out.

Let your creativity steer you in designing these gardens as there are plenty of fun visual and configuration options which can be tried to find the best suited vertical garden for your home space.


If you are tired of the way your garden looks, why not add something a bit different and install a feature wall. Wooden poles make for the perfect material to create a feature wall to complement your garden, with little effort to install. 

Guide to building:

• Treated poles will create a warm rustic feel for your outdoor entertainment area, therefore purchasing poles sliced down the centre will be a good option.

• Select the wall you would like to feature and cut the poles down the centre to size. If you choose to paint the poles or stain them, it will be best to do so before mounting.

• Figure out if you would like spacing between the wooden poles or not and then secure them to the wall using No More Nails adhesive which can be purchased from hardware stores.

If your feature wall is an under shelter area, then set up a space to relax near it which can be accompanied by bright vibrant colours or warm tones for decorative elements.

At Prime Poles, we specialise in the treatment and bulk supply of high-quality, CCA-treated gum poles, laths and droppers for all your project needs. Get in touch for a free quote.

Source: Polesgalore